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Just a little something going on in my life

So on February 2012 I met (by met I mean I saw and said hi to) this exceptionally beautiful girl. And I mean beautiful! She’s Mexican but super light skin and green beautiful eyes! Where I met her was a friend of mines birthday party so the whole time I was pretty much just talking to him and other guys, but the whole time I could not stop looking at her and she caught me a few times.
Anyway, a few weeks later I got a job waiting tables at a pretty popular local restaurant. That first day I walk in and there she fuckin is! “Hey! You’re…so and so” she said. The feels that I got were indescribable, she actually remembered my name! (For the sake of the story call me C and her T.) so T and I continue talking pretty much the while time for about a week and then her friend ( name not important) comes up to me and asks me all these questions as if I didn’t know the real source. Questions like; how do you like it here, do you think anyone is cute, and them the final one. Are you single? At the time I wasn’t…
So time goes by and T and I become really good friends. Spending quite some time together going to the beach, bars, we even work out together. So eventually the long dreadful relationship I was in for six years ends. At first, because T and I were really good friends I didn’t try anything with her and for about 2 months I’m doing my thing but still hanging out with her. She sees my bad side the shitty asshole side I guess. It wasn’t until her birthday “morning” I guess when she gave me a ride home and I decided to go for it! She had her hand on the shifter. I kept looking at it while we listen to Calvin Harris’s summer. Fuck it! I went for it, I put my hands over hers. Her response was the perfect reaction anyone could ask for. She looked at me in shock for about 3 seconds then smiled, a smile I’ve never seen before. She turned her hand around and held mine!😍. It was fuckin magical! Over the next few weeks we fool around, no sex, mainly just kissing, mainly. So eventually I guess people notice we have a “thing” and they love the idea of it. “Yall are so cute together” and thing like that. I start developing real feelings for her. I got tired of just fuckin around. Most of time while we’re drunk. So I ask her out on a real date. A nice dinner followed by of course a movie, nothing original I know but regardless it’s a date. I waiting for a call or text all day and nothing until like 6 “hey sorry I took a nap and kinda over napped lol” so wrong along those lines. Sh continues to tell me she doesn’t wanna see a movie and she wants to eat crawfish so I’m like perfect… This was last night btw. So we get to this place and order a pitcher. We have a few and it’s going fuckin awesome. We them order some crawfish and another pitcher. We eat and continue drinking having a blast. Smiling, laughing and conversing the whole time. I excuse myself to go to the restroom and when I come back she’s a totally different person. Distant as fuck! I had no idea what was going on I tried to bring up a conversation and nothing. I can tell she wants to leave so I ask for the check. Before we leave she suggests a bar that some friends want to meet us up at. I say sure. As we’re leaving, she stays ahead of me. I walk her to her car and she rejects me a kiss! As if we haven’t done more than that. I still go to this bar but I no mood to drink. I have a water while she has some Elvis Presley vodka drink. When our friends get there I can’t seen to have a good time. I’m not saying I want her all to myself but she was very distant. Eventually I leave. She makes an attempt to get me to stay, but as much as I wanted to I just couldn’t. I couldn’t get over her rejecting me like that.
Anyway that’s a little story. Oh! One thing I did ask her to be my girl before about a week prior to this. She said no and have me a good reason. She said she likes what we have…

I really fuckin like this girl!

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